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Living in Johns Lake, FL

Living in Johns Lake, FL

One of the beautiful lakefront areas in Florida has become quite the paradise for its residents is Johns Lake. For those living in Johns Lake, FL, the lake itself provides ample opportunities for fishing (bluegill, bass, and speckled perch are prevalent), boating, and other water-based activities. If you are considering moving there, you can choose to live on a part of the peninsula or even on an island in the middle of Johns Lake. 

Thinking about living in Johns Lake? Give Nancy Kowalik and her team of experienced realtors at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Florida Waterfront a call to find out what properties are available and when you can move in. We guarantee that you will love your new home, and our team is excited to help you find the ideal place!

What Is Johns Lake?

Johns Lake, Florida, is located between Oakland, Winter Garden, and Clermont just south of the Florida turnpike. There are several peninsulas and islands throughout the region known as Johns Lake, and you can find residential homes and communities there, specifically at the northern end of the island. Within Johns Lake, you will find Deer Island, Turkey Island, and Magnolia Island. Any of these areas, as well as the shore line, can provide home buyers opportunities to invest in a waterfront home right on Johns Lake. Living in Johns Lake means that you will either be in Orange County or Lake County since the area borders both. 

Johns Lake is approximately 2500 acres, divided into the East and West pools, and has a connecting channel. As a resident living in Johns Lake, you may end up referring to it as Johns Chain of Lakes since the organization of the shoreline is varied and make it appear to have multiple different lakes in one. Throughout the lake, you will find locations for fishing, boating, and plenty of other water activities. 

One of the best aspects of Johns Lake is the fact that the very shape of the island provides ample opportunities for lakefront homes, including those with private boat ramps! From single-family homes to those that are upwards of $1 million, you can find the ideal home for you and your family in Johns Lake. 

If you think Johns Lake might be the perfect fit for your water loving lifestyle, call Nancy Kowalik today. She is happy to tell you all of the details concerning available homes and properties in the area and how you can start living in Johns Lake, FL. 

Excited for You and Your Family to Start Living in Johns Lake? Give Us a Call!

Do you have a boat and want a place to use it whenever you want? Have you always dreamed of living on the water with a private boat dock? In Johns Lake, you can make those dreams a reality. Most residents living in Johns Lake have their own boat dock, and they are able to go out on the lake and enjoy the beauty of nature at any time. A great benefit of a lakefront property is that you will not have to worry about the troubles associated with living by the ocean such as stormy weather and salty sea water.

Most people know Johns Lake for its fishing. Anglers from all over the state come there for the range of fish they can catch in the lake and the ability to use a wide variety of lures. You will also find a great deal of flora such as lily pads, thick grass beds, reeds, hydrilla, and submerged trees wherein fish love to hide. 

If you and your family love to fish, enjoy water sports, and want to live near a beautiful body of water in Florida, living in Johns Lake is certainly a place to consider. 

Whether you are interested in new construction or an estate home with private lake access, our realtors are 100% dedicated to helping you locate the home of your dreams in an area of Florida that provides you with all of the great aspects of living on the lake. Just give Nancy a call to start your home buying search in the Johns Lake area.

Lakeside Home Are Available if You Know Where to Look

Anyone who is excited to start living in Johns Lake simply needs the assistance of an experienced realtor such as ours at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Florida Waterfront. Nancy and her team are happy to show you the available homes and properties in your preferred area and price range. Simply give Nancy a call at 407-307-2617 to get started!

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