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Living in Winter Park, FL

Living in Winter Park, FL

Those who are looking to live in a location that is beautiful, mid-sized, and packed with plenty of history should consider living in Winter Park, FL. As the “City of Culture and Heritage,” it certainly lives up to its name. Residents and visitors to Winter Park, FL can enjoy a variety of cultural and historical attractions designed to teach and demonstrate the importance of the area’s roots.

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Fast Facts About Winter Park, FL 

As you plan to move to Winter Park, FL, you should be looking into the essential demographic facts about the city where you will be living very soon. To give you a good head start, here are some of the essential points to know about living in Winter Park, FL:

Population (2020): 29,795

Distance from: 

  • Orlando, FL: 19 minutes (6.4 miles)
  • Windermere, FL: 40 minutes (18.3 miles)
  • Apopka, FL: 32 minutes (18.8 miles)

Nearest airport:

Median income (2020): 

  • Individual: $48,884 
  • Household: $73,697

County: Orange

Type of location: city

Why is Winter Park, FL a Nice Place to Live?

One of the things that make a living in Winter Park, FL, such a great idea is the variety of unique attractions to visit and explore. Whether you are looking for an outdoor adventure, cultural event, or learning experience, there is something for every interest. 

Here are some of the top attractions that we are sure your family and friends will enjoy as you continue to explore your new home in Winter Park, FL:

And, of course, if you are interested in spending the day at a world-renowned theme park, Orlando is only 20 minutes away. There you can find both DisneyWorld and Universal Studios.

What is Winter Park, FL Known For?

Indigenous tribes to form the Seminole culture. Europeans first came to Winter Park, FL in 1858 when David Mizell, Jr. bought land and began a settlement. Throughout the years, more land was purchased, and the town continued to expand. Winter Park was a very well-developed city, and the efforts of that planning continue to be seen throughout the town.

The town of Winter Park, FL is also known for its first four-year college, Rollins College. It is the most expensive college in the state and has a relatively small student population. Its business school, the Crummer School of Business, is one of the premier business schools in the country. 

Finally, Winter Park, FL has been the site of many presidential visits dating back to the first president to visit the city, Chester A. Arthur. President Arthur commented that Winter Park, FL was “the prettiest place I have seen in Florida.” Other notable presidential visits include Grover Cleveland, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Barack Obama.

What Are the Best Restaurants in Winter Park, FL?

Winter Park, FL, is known for its rich culture and heritage, and it can be traced back to the first inhabitants of the area – the Muscogee people. These migrants intermingled with the Choctaw people and others. After a full day of historical and cultural sites, you will surely have an appetite for some great food. Winter Park, FL has its share of great local eateries to satisfy any craving. Some of the top-rated restaurants in Winter Park, FL include:

  • The Bridge at Winter Park – seasonal American food in a stylish atmosphere
  • Bosphorous Turkish Cuisine – old-world Turkish cuisine in a modern cafe
  • Hillstone Restaurant – modern setting for classic American cuisine
  • Garp & Fuss – American fare in a stylish eatery
  • Bulla Gastrobar – tapas and wine at a stylish Spanish locale
  • Briarpatch Restaurant – fun parlor to get some ice cream or a bite for brunch

We are sure that these and all of the other great eateries in Winter Park, FL will meet your needs. 

If you’re looking for a home in the beautiful city of Winter Park,FL and need some information to help make your decision- we have just what you’re searching for. You can check out median prices as well as current inventory here . We hope that by giving our viewers all available resources they will be able find their perfect house! Never hesitate to call 407-307-2617.


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