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Top 5 Factors to Consider When Buying Florida Waterfront Property

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Buying Florida Waterfront Property

Many Florida residents moved to the area or stayed in the Sunshine State for the entirety of their lives because it means that you are close to the water. There is certainly something special about living at or very near the water, and home buyers looking to buy Florida Waterfront Property will have plenty to consider when making their decision.

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Florida Waterfront, our experienced real estate agents are dedicated to helping home buyers like you find the lakefront properties in Central Florida that they have always wanted. We will discuss everything you are looking for in the property and work diligently to find you the perfect home with waterfront access. 

To help you in your home buying process in Central Florida, we want to give you some tips and factors to consider when searching for great properties. We hope that these will help you ultimately make your decision easier and the Florida waterfront property buying process smoother.

5 Considerations When Buying Florida Waterfront Property

As you are well-aware, buying a home of any type is a major investment of money, time, and energy. That is why it is integral that you make the best choice for yourself and your family. When you are interested in buying a Florida lakefront property, there are some additional considerations to factor into your decision. These include:

  • Understanding the legal issues of owning Florida waterfront property before you actually buy the property
  • Reading the listing carefully to ensure it is a waterfront property, not water view
  • Make sure the home inspection includes the waterfront
  • Being sure that you are aware of all of the maintenance requirements
  • Asking plenty of questions about the Florida waterfront property

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Florida Waterfront in Central Florida, our skilled real estate agents are dedicated to helping home buyers like you find the ideal lakefront property and ensuring that you have all of the pertinent information needed to make the right choice.

Understand the Legal Issues of Owning Florida Waterfront Property BEFORE You Buy

Owning Florida waterfront property is an amazing investment and is sure to bring you and your family years of wonderful memories. One of the most important considerations to factor into your decision to buy lakefront property is the legal aspect. 

It is vital to find out about your rights to access water, to have it for your own personal use, and to keep it as a private access point. In some rare cases, the waterfront property owners may not have all of the legal access to the water itself that you would expect, especially if the property does not fully abut (touch) the water line. 

Another legal factor to consider is the permits required for docks and related structures. Just because one exists does not mean that it was built with the proper permits. 

When you work with our experienced real estate agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Florida Waterfront, you can guarantee that we will take care of all of these legal aspects. We ensure that your property has full access to the water for your personal use and all structures were built appropriately. 

Read the Listing Carefully to Ensure It is Waterfront, Not Water View

Another important factor to take into account when making your home buying decision for Florida waterfront property is ensuring that the property you are buying is actually on the waterfront. There is a big difference between “waterfront” and “water view.” 

If you are looking to be on the water rather than to simply have a view of it, read the real estate market listing carefully. Our team will make sure that the properties we show you meet your expectations and have everything you want, including the lakefront in your own backyard.

Make Sure Your Home Inspection Includes Your Waterfront

As with any home buying experience, you will want to make sure that an inspection is completed before you make the investment. The inspection ensures that the home is ready to be sold and any necessary repairs are made known to the potential home buyer. 

When you buy Florida waterfront property, the inspection must also include the waterfront area itself. Because the structures outside of your home are exposed to consistently moist air, water, sun, and other Florida factors, the inspector should conduct a thorough inspection here as well. He or she should inspect 

  • Supporting and anchor beams for docks and piers
  • Integrity of any supporting floatation devices
  • Components of the retaining wall visible above the water line
  • Soil erosion or loss

Skipping this inspection could potentially cost you thousands of dollars when you discover these issues after you buy the Florida waterfront property. You may need to invest in an inspector who is a specialist in lakefront inspections to give you complete peace of mind.

Be Sure You Are Aware of the Maintenance Requirements

As you will soon find out, buying Florida lakefront property comes with unique joys and pleasures that you simply cannot get with any other type of landlocked property. 

However, there are also additional maintenance requirements that you will need to keep up with to ensure the safety and security of your waterfront. Some of these may also be enforced by the HOA. Be sure you have the right information about these requirements and regulations before you decide to buy a Florida lakefront property.

Ask Plenty of Questions about the Florida Waterfront Property 

Although you can learn a lot about a property and home just by asking the home seller, you probably won’t be able to get an honest picture of life at that lakefront property unless you ask others in the area. Find out information from your would-be neighbors about such things as HOA fees, inspection regulations, tourist and vacation traffic, and any other well-kept secrets. 

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When you work with us, you can guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the customer service we provide as well as the quality of waterfront properties we are able to show you. Our team is always happy to answer any and all questions you may have, and we provide you FREE and instant access to insider information about Florida waterfront properties that usually only other real estate agents have. 

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