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Top 5 Tips for Selling Florida Beachfront Property in Lake Nona

Top 5 Tips for Selling Florida Beachfront Property in Lake Nona

Selling Florida beachfront property

Whether you are visiting Florida or living there, one of the highlights of being in the Sunshine State is going to the beach and enjoying the beauty of the water. Being able to have fun in the sun and splash around in the water is one of the greatest aspects of the Florida lifestyle. It is also a great selling point for those who own beachfront property in the Lake Nona area. 

Beachfront property owners and their families and friends can take advantage of all of the enjoyment that the beach and water provide without having to worry about leaving their own property. Home buyers who want to also have that experience will be looking for beachfront properties that allow them to enjoy the beauty and fun of the beach as well as the comfort of their own homes. 

Because of this, you would automatically assume that selling Florida beachfront property is exceedingly simple. However, there are certain challenges in putting a beachfront property on the market. Many homeowners do not even consider them until they try it themselves. It can be frustrating to find the right home buyer and be able to take care of all of the details related to the beachfront property during the home selling process. That is where the expertise of a skilled realtor plays a vital role.

Selling Florida Beachfront Property in Lake Nona Is Not As Easy As It Seems

One of the most important points to understand about selling Florida beachfront property in Lake Nona is it is unique. There are certain challenges that home sellers of beachfront properties will face that those trying to sell non-waterfront properties in the middle of the suburbs will not encounter. 

Because these properties are generally more expensive than those other properties, the market for them is smaller. The properties are quite beautiful and present the homeowner with a myriad of benefits, the sale can actually be quite challenging. It is vital that the listing is available to a specific type of home buyer who will be able to purchase the property.

For this reason, hiring a specialized realtor who understands the uniqueness of the Lake Nona beachfront property is ideal. We know precisely who to market the property to, the most effective ways of doing so, and how to ensure that it sells quickly and for top dollar.

Check Out These 5 Tips for Selling Florida Beachfront Property and Getting Top Dollar

When it comes to selling Florida beachfront property in Lake Nona, you need a special touch and expertise. This will help you sell it quickly and for the highest possible price. It is not as straightforward as selling non-beachfront property can be, so entrusting your property to a skilled realtor is one way to guarantee that you can achieve your home selling goals.

With our team, you will have peace of mind knowing that your realtors are working diligently to put your property listing in front of the right home buyers. We guarantee that your home will not sit on the real estate market for months at a time without any interest. Our team will sell it for the best price and as quickly as possible.

Our realtors have developed 5 great tips for selling Florida beachfront property that we are happy to share with you. These include:

  • Figuring Out the Best Price for Your Florida Beachfront Property
  • Getting Informed about the Market for Beachfront Properties in Lake Nona
  • Taking Advantage of the Lake Nona Beachfront During Property Showings
  • Hiring a Professional Real Estate Photographer in Lake Nona 
  • Emphasizing Easy Beachfront Access in Your Listing

If you follow these tips for selling Florida beachfront property, you can rest assured that you have the best chance of getting through the process quickly and efficiently. You will end up with the highest possible price and can move forward with your life following the sale. To get more information about the beachfront property selling process, give us a call.

Figuring Out the Best Price for Your Florida Beachfront Property

One of the very first things that a home buyer will look at when they find your listing is the price you are asking for the property. If it is within their price range, they will move on to other important aspects of the property such as square footage, location, and the number of bedrooms. If, however, the property is too expensive or the price is too low, it will probably remain on the market. 

Potential homebuyers will always stay in their budget range home buyer does not think it is worth the price. If you price too low, home buyers may assume there is something wrong with the home. That is why it is essential to research current market value for your home and price your property accordingly. Working with a skilled realtor will help you hit the right price.

For Lake Nona beachfront property, pricing the home correctly is one of the primary keys to a successful sale. The right price will make the property attractive to home buyers, ensure it sells quickly, and get you the most profit for your asset. To determine the best price for the listing, most realtors will complete a comparative market analysis. There are important factors like:

  • Location of the property
  • Amount of actual waterfront and size of the body of water
  • Amenities, if the property is part of a community

With these factors in mind, our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Florida Waterfront will be able to provide you with a reasonable and profitable price at which to list your Lake Nona beachfront property.

Learning about the Market for Beachfront Properties in Lake Nona

As we have said, marketing a beachfront property means that you know who your potential home buyer will be. Since you have that specific audience in mind, you can more easily develop a targeted real estate listing for that particular audience to ensure that they see it and give it reasonable consideration.

One thing to keep in mind that may seem a bit counterintuitive is that you actually do not want to try to attract every potential home buyer in the Lake Nona area. Why? Because the audience for these types of properties is very specific. The description of the property in your listing needs to be highly focused. 

You only want certain home buyers to contact you because they will be sending you serious offers. That is much more beneficial to you than having dozens of people coming to see the house with no intention of making a serious offer. A focused listing will ensure you get serious offers for your Lake Nona beachfront property.

Taking Advantage of the Lake Nona Beachfront During Property Showings 

Since the most advantageous feature of your Lake Nona property is the actual beachfront, it is certainly the feature that you most want to emphasize during the showings of your property. While potential home buyers will want to take a tour of the house, they will definitely want to see what the beachfront looks like. It is, after all, the top feature of your property.

When you stage the property, make sure the outdoor furniture and other elements that are facing the water are focused toward the water. Make sure your beachfront is well-maintained and looks perfect before your potential home buyers get there. The main idea is to take advantage of and emphasize the paradise that your home buyers will be buying into.

Hiring a Professional Real Estate Photographer in Lake Nona

Whenever a home buyer is looking for their next investment, they will want to make sure there are photographs of the property available. This will help them determine whether or not it is worth their time and effort to consider the property. It is not, however, just the presence of photos. The quality of the images and the way in which they are presented is vital as well. Although basic smartphones can take nice pictures, they cannot compete with professional photos.

Home buyers of beachfront property in Lake Nona want to see the beauty of the properties they are purchasing, and professional photographers will be able to convey that much more adeptly than someone with a smartphone. A professional photographer’s photos will catch the eye of the home buyer and look as impressive as the property itself. 

When you hire a professional photographer, you can ensure that all of the important features will be featured, and the potential home buyer will know exactly why you have listed that particular asking price. Professional photography will also show home buyers that you are serious about selling Florida beachfront property in Lake Nona for the highest price possible. This means that only serious offers will be considered and accepted.

Emphasizing Easy Beachfront Access in Your Listing

Since the beachfront is the most important feature of your property, it is essential that you emphasize it in your listing and ensure that it is easily accessible during your showings. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression on potential home buyers, so access to the beachfront should be well-maintained. Get rid of any overgrown brush, repair the dock and keep it clean, and makeover the entire area to its pristine condition.

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