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Top 5 Tips for Selling Florida Waterfront Property

Top 5 Tips for Selling Florida Waterfront Property

As every Florida resident is well-aware, living in the Sunshine State comes with plenty of perks. One of those benefits is the fact that you can easily find lakefront property. Owning waterfront property offers front row access to the beauty of nature on a daily basis.

Owning a waterfront property in Central Florida can pose some unexpected challenges when you sell. It’s important to have the right information and resources specific to selling Florida waterfront property. If you don’t, it can be difficult and frustrating to find the right home buyer. That is why it is important to rely on the experience and expertise of a knowledgeable realtor. You need someone who understands the best ways to market and sell your Florida waterfront property.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Florida Waterfront is dedicated to helping home sellers like you. We can market your Florida waterfront property effectively so it sells quickly and for the highest price possible. We are also happy to give you as much information as you need to understand the home selling process. You’ll quickly learn about the particular challenges related to selling Florida waterfront property.

Selling Florida waterfront property

Selling Florida Waterfront Property Has Its Challenges

Selling a home on the lakefront is not the same as selling a home in the middle of the suburbs. These properties are generally more expensive than a typical Florida home. The market for waterfront homes is a smaller subset of the general market. 

They can be beautiful and have a variety of exceptional benefits, but they can be challenging to actually sell. There are lots of factors to consider, buyers need to see the listing and feel attracted to the property.

With the best team in Central Florida, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Florida Waterfront, you can succeed. Rest assured that the right buyers will see your Florida waterfront property because we’ll market your listing in the best way. 

5 Essential Tips for Selling Florida Waterfront Property for Top Dollar

Selling Florida waterfront property is not as simple and straightforward as selling a non-lakefront property in Central Florida. When you entrust our real estate team with the sale of your Florida waterfront property, you will have peace of mind that we are working diligently to get your lakefront property in front of the right home buyers. With our real estate agents, you get guarantees that your Florida waterfront property will sell for a great price and in a fast time frame. 

To help you with the home selling process, as it relates to Florida waterfront property, here are 5 top tips for selling lakefront property in Central Florida:

  • Determine the Right Price for Your Florida Waterfront Property
  • Be Aware of the Real Estate Market for Lakefront Properties
  • Use the Waterfront to Your Advantage When Showing the Property
  • Get Professional Photos Taken 
  • Ensure Waterfront Access Is Easy

By following these top tips for selling a Florida waterfront property, you can bet that your property will be sold quickly so that you can continue to move forward with your life. For even more information about selling lakefront property in Central Florida, contact Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Florida Waterfront today!

Determine the Right Price for Your Florida Waterfront Property

As with every home on the real estate market, price is going to be the number one factor that determines how quickly (or slowly) the home will sell. If it is priced too high, potential home buyers will look for a better deal. Priced too low, and they will wonder what is wrong with the house. Pricing a home and property takes experience and skill in the real estate industry.

When it comes to Florida waterfront property, the same holds true. Pricing the property correctly will be key to making sure it is attractive to home buyers and will sell quickly. Most real estate agents will do a comparative market analysis to determine the price for your property. Things that our real estate agent will take into consideration when helping you figure out a price for your property include:

  • Location of the property
  • Amount of actual waterfront and size of the body of water
  • Amenities, if the property is part of a community

Using these factors, our team will be able to best determine a reasonable and profitable price for your Florida waterfront property.

Be Aware of the Real Estate Market for Lakefront Properties

Marketing a lakefront property means that you have a very particular home buyer in mind who will be willing to invest in the property. With a specific audience in mind, you can then create a highly targeted listing for the real estate market that is sure to attract the right home buyer. 

It is important that you are not trying to attract every single home buyer looking for property because the audience for lakefront properties is very specific. Your description and listing need to be focused so that only the right home buyers will contact you with serious offers. The worst thing is to have dozens of people coming to see the property who have no intention of actually buying Florida waterfront property.

Use the Waterfront to Your Advantage When Showing the Property

Although interested home buyers will obviously want to see the home that sits on your property, it is critical that you emphasize the waterfront during the showings. After all, it is the number one feature of your property. 

How can you accomplish this? Easy. Make sure that furniture and other elements which face the water are focused in that direction. You also want to make sure that the waterfront itself is attractive and well-maintained. Do your best to emphasize the paradise characteristic of the waterfront itself.

Get Professional Photos Taken

When it comes to the real estate market listing of the Central Florida waterfront property, interested home buyers want to see photos. However, the quality of the images and the composition of the photographs need to be at the highest level. Basic smartphone photos are ok, but they will not emphasize why home buyers will be paying a significant amount of money for your waterfront property.

With a professional photographer, you can be sure that the photos in your listing will be eye-catching and impressive. All of the best features of the property will be highlighted, and the potential home buyers will know that you have invested a good deal of money into the marketing of your property. This shows them you are serious about selling the lakefront property in Central Florida, and they will realize that only serious offers will be considered.

Ensure Waterfront Access Is Easy

As we said, the waterfront is a primary feature of your Central Florida property, so it needs to be the emphasis of your listing and your showings. That means it should make an ideal impression on your home buyers. Be sure to maintain the direct access to the property, and do everything you can to make access to the waterfront easy. Clear away any overgrown brush, clean and repair the dock, and give your waterfront the full makeover treatment.

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