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What to Know before Buying a Johns Lake Beachfront Home

What to Know before Buying a Johns Lake Beachfront Home

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Anyone who has ever visited or lived in Florida knows very well that the best part about being in Florida is the fact that the water and beach are never far away. There are so many thrilling and relaxing activities that can be done in and by the water that visitors come from all over the world just to get a chance to enjoy them. For those who live in Florida, these fun adventures can be had just about anytime they want. What can make this even better? Having a beachfront home.

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Florida Waterfront, our team of experienced and skilled realtors understands the many benefits of owning beachfront properties. We realize that these are very valuable and desired because of their close proximity to the water and convenience of not even having to leave your home to have fun at the beach. 

However, we are also well-aware that there are a number of factors to consider when buying a Johns Lake beachfront home. We want all of our home buyers to be well-educated on these factors and make sure they take them into consideration before investing in this type of property. Below, we have provided a thorough overview of all of the most important factors a home buyer should consider before deciding to purchase a Johns Lake beachfront home.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Johns Lake Beachfront Home

As we have said, there are a number of factors that need to be considered before you make such an important investment decision. These factors are things that cannot be ignored, and home buyers must understand the importance of each one prior to buying the Johns Lake beachfront home. If they are not given ample consideration, there could be a serious impact, financially and/or legally.

Zoning Laws and Regulations

When it comes to your Johns Lake beachfront home, you will want to have a thorough understanding of what the area is legally zoned for. Every property has a zoning designation which determines what you may be permitted to build on your property as well as the specific activities allowed on your property. There may be limitations on the types of structures such as barns, garages, and sheds you are permitted to erect.

Before you make an investment such as building a dock or pier on your property, be sure that your property is zoned for that type of structure. Your HOA may also have regulations about these types of construction projects as well as the use of your beach and water area for the community or for private individuals.

Environmental Considerations

If you are planning on using your Johns Lake beachfront home for fishing in a motorized boat or you want to construct some type of building on the property, you will likely need to have an environmental impact study completed (or find out the results of a previously completed study) to ensure that it will not negatively affect the surrounding environment. It would be a terrible situation if the activity you most want to engage in on your own property is not permitted because it can harm the environment.

Insurance and Maintenance Costs

By investing in a Johns Lake beachfront home, you will need to realize that you will have insurance and maintenance requirements (the costs associated with them) that other homeowners would not otherwise have. 

First, insurance costs for beachfront properties are usually higher than inland properties because there is a greater risk of flooding since you are located at the water’s edge. In addition to flooding, you may also be required to have wind and general hazards insurance (two separate insurance coverages) based on your location.

For maintenance costs, it is important to remember that your property is right at the water’s edge, so you will likely notice an impact from that proximity. Upkeep of the property, especially any area that actually touches the water regularly, will need to be done on a schedule. It certainly requires time and diligence, and many beachfront homeowners will hire a company to complete these tasks for them.

Property Management

If you are considering buying a Johns Lake beachfront home as a second home/vacation rental, then you may want to look into hiring a property management service to take care of the day-to-day issues related to the rental. These companies can handle any problems that may arise as well as the booking of the property by renters and cleaning. 

Renting your property as a vacation home can be a great source of income for you, but it is wise to have a property management company on your side to ensure that everything runs smoothly and the rental does not become your full-time occupation.

Legal Considerations

When it comes to buying a Johns Lake beachfront home, there are some important legal considerations that must be discussed with a real estate attorney. Things such as riparian rights (the right to use the water that is adjacent to your property), building a dock, flood insurance maps, sea wall construction, and more will all need to be figured out by your attorney. 

Our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Florida Waterfront highly recommends utilizing the expertise of a skilled real estate attorney before making any major home buying decisions when it comes to beachfront properties. You would not want to be stuck with a home on the water but be unable to use the water in the ways you were expecting. That would certainly be a worst-case scenario.

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