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Living in Baldwin Park, FL

Living in Baldwin Park, FL

Being as close as possible to the big city life without having to deal with the larger city’s noise, traffic, and other standard features is a dream for many individuals. One of its beautiful neighborhoods, Baldwin Park, offers that authentic experience in the Orlando area. Living in Baldwin Park, FL provides residents the best of both worlds – convenience to the larger city but the quiet and peace of a smaller, suburban neighborhood.

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Florida Waterfront, Nancy Kowalik and her team are here to help you find the perfect home in Baldwin Park, FL. We understand how important it is to buy a home that suits your family’s needs, and our experienced realtors will not stop until you are 100% satisfied with your new home.

Fast Facts About Baldwin Park, FL 

Before moving to a new city or even a new neighborhood within a larger city, it is essential to know the most basic facts about your new home. Here are some of the crucial fast facts about the demographics of the neighborhood and some distances to other significant locales.

Population (2020): 8,521

Distance from: 

  • Orlando, FL: 12 minutes (4.6 miles)
  • Lakeland, FL: 1hr 35 minutes (59.5 miles)
  • Tampa, FL: 1hr 57 minutes (88.7 miles)

Nearest airport:

Median income (2020): 

  • Household: $123,365

County: Orange

Type of location: Suburban, neighborhood of Orlando

Why is Baldwin Park, FL a Nice Place to Live?

With a relatively low population, this neighborhood in Orlando, FL, is the ideal location for those hoping to find a home close to a large and vibrant city but far enough away to enjoy some tranquility. 

Residents living in Baldwin Park, FL will find they know their neighbors quite well and can rely on them whenever they need assistance. Safety is a top priority for the population of Baldwin Park, so you can rest assured that your kids will feel secure. The homes have a unique story as you look at their colors and intricate designs.

And, best of all, you never really have to leave the town to find the necessary things. Residents need grocery stores (Publix), shopping centers, restaurants, salons, and many other conveniences.

What is Baldwin Park, FL Known For?

Baldwin Park began its existence as the Orlando Army Air Station in 1942. It was not originally intended to be a community for residents, and it even got turned over to the United States Navy once the air station shut down. Until the 1990s, the Navy used the area as a training center. 

The base formally closed in 1994, and it took three years for the transformation process to begin, eventually turning the ground into a community. Today, it is a place for individuals and families of all kinds, and there are plenty of businesses, parks, shops, and events in the city.

One of the best features of living in Baldwin Park, FL is your access to two good-sized lakes, Lake Baldwin and Lake Susannah, and over 200 acres of parks and open spaces – all part of the Baldwin Park Network. If you love the outdoors, you will never get tired of exploring this area.

What Are the Best Restaurants in Baldwin Park, FL?

Another significant aspect of living in Baldwin Park, FL, is the variety of excellent restaurants you will find located in the town. Here are some of the top-rated eateries that you can visit with your family and friends:

  • Colibri Mexican Cuisine Baldwin: traditional Mexican food with a lovely lake view
  • Gator’s Dockside: sports pub food that is great for the whole family
  • Meza Mediterranean Grill: classic Mediterranean cuisine
  • Provisions & Buzz Co.: small neighborhood spot for pork chops and seafood
  • Le Bella Luna: cool spot for New York style pizza and pasta

We know that with all the options available you are guaranteed to find a great place for your whole family, no matter what they’re craving. If living in Baldwin Park, FL sounds like an appealing option then our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Florida Waterfront can help get things started by giving a call 407-307-2617 today or checking out median home prices here.


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